Streamline your business process

Take Pastel beyond accounting with Job-SYS, a fully integrated REAL TIME Job Costing Module for Pastel Xpress, Pastel Partner and Pastel Evolution.

Job-SYS helps you prepare Quotations or Estimates for your Customers, Manage your Resources, Staff, Material Issuing and Purchasing. Compare the Estimated costs versus the Actual costs of the Job. Compile an Invoice and monitor the profitability for each Job.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Fully integrated into Pastel Xpress, Pastel Partner and Pastel Evolution – No duplication of data. Update all Job-SYS and Pastel transactions on a real time basis.
  • Create templates that can be used in future quotations and jobs.
  • Purchase directly for each job and automatically allocate items to Job when stock is received.
  • Prevent overstocking as a result of incorrect purchasing.
  • Store history of each job - to be viewed by means of serial number, unit number, registration number.
  • Part invoice Jobs – Invoice deposits, invoice based on progress of Job and final invoicing.
  • Track materials and labour used on Jobs.
  • Track time quoted, time spent on Jobs, time invoiced and non-productive time for each staff member. Timesheets can be inputted via timesheets or barcode scanner.
  • Monitor work in progress for eac h Job.
  • Monitor on-going profitability of each.
  • Control Sub Contractors, Buyouts and Outsourced work.
  • Link unlimited documents in any format to a quote or job and enjoy total visibility into related contracts, drawings, specifications etc.

Please feel free to contact the sales office in your region for a free demonstration of the software.

Download the Job-SYS Product Overview Brochure: JobSYS_brochure.pdf