Does Job-SYS run as a stand alone system ?

No, Job-SYS is a add on for Pastel Xpress, Pastel Partner and Pastel Evolution. All quotes, costing, etc are processed in Job-SYS and the Financials are processed in Pastel.

Does Job-SYS work with Pastel Evolution ?

Yes, we have recently introduced integration into Pastel Evolution.

Do I need to have the same number of Job-SYS users as I have with Pastel?

No, Job-SYS does not need Pastel to be install on the PC to work. However, if you do not have Pastel installed on the PC, additional pervasive licenses are required for Job-SYS to be able to access the Pastel Data.

Does Job-SYS keep a history of all quotes and Jobs ?

Yes, unlike most systems there is no need for a year end or roll over procedure. Job-SYS is able to store information indefinitly providing that your infrastucture is adequate.